How do I book and pay for a course? 
You can download a booking form from our website or alternatively you can phone or email our office. Once we receive your booking form at Head Office we will then either book you in for the next available course or put you on a waiting list for the pool of choice. Payment is made via direct debit and will send you a link to our Go Cardless direct debit system via email. 
Can I and my family watch my child swim? 
Yes you can watch your child swim at any of pools but outdoor shoes are not allowed onto poolside areas. Please either take shoes off or put on blue pool shoe covers provided. 
My Child has been ill with diarrhoea, when can they return to swimming? 
Anyone who has had a bout of diarrhoea should not swim for at least 7-14 days. This is due to possible anal seepage which could carry the cryptospiridia and Giardia infectious cysts which are immune to chlorine. 
Does my child need to bring their armbands or other swimming aids? 
Each of our pools has all the equipment necessary for your child’s lesson. If the teacher feels that your child needs extra buoyancy aids they will supply them for you. 
At what age can children have lessons without a parent in the water? 
Usually a child will have solo lessons at around 3 years of age, although this is dependant on the child, parent and teacher who will decide this together. We will aim to make this transition as smooth as possible and will happily ‘wean’ the parent away over a number of lessons. 
What is your policy on photographing my child? 
In accordance with our child protection policy photographing or videoing is not allowed at any of our pools. There will be regular opportunities to have a photograph taken of your child through organised photo shoots. Mobile phones are not allowed to be used at any of pools and should always be switched off. 
What happens if I cancel my lessons? 
Once a place has been booked on a course at either of our pools, there will be no refund given if cancelled less than 14 days prior to the start date. Courses cancelled with more than 14 days notice will be entitled to a refund for monies paid, but there will be a £15.00 administration fee. 
I’m going on holiday; can I pay only for the lessons we will be attending? 
Unfortunately you will have to pay for the whole course to guarantee your place. Although if you miss 3 or more lessons in a row due to that ‘special’ holiday then the above rule for catch ups may apply. 
How do I re-enrol for the next course? 
All customers are automatically re enrolled for the next course, however, you will need to give the appropriate notice to leave. For the hospital pool this is one months notice plus seven days before your next payemnt is due if applicable. At West Bucaklnd, you can cancel your next set of lessons when you receive your child's report. there will be a cut off date for you to do this. 
What if my child has a cold or is unwell? 
It is not wise to bring your child swimming with anything more than a very mild cold. Please consider the other children in your group as your child will spread infection and is unlikely to enjoy swimming at that time. 
If your child has an ear infection, please do not swim until it has cleared up. It is not likely to have been caused by swimming, however it will be uncomfortable and your child’s ear should be kept dry until it is clear. If your child has repetitive ear infections you can purchase 'Ear Band' for swimming, and seek advice from your GP or consultant. 
What changing facilities are available? 
Changing facilities vary from pool to pool. Many pools offer basic changing with some showers available. We advise that if you cannot shower your child then you should give them a bath or shower on returning home. There are some changing mats available; however, we recommend you bring a travel mat in case all those provided are in use, and for hygiene reasons. Special changing mats for poolside that are easy to carry can be purchased direct from our online shop. 
All our changing rooms are shoe-free zones please remove any outdoor shoes (including toddlers) before entering. 
What happens in the event of pool closures due to bad weather like snow? 
In the event of pool closures that are beyond our or the pool's control, refunds will not be given. An example of this may be bad weather which may mean the roads are closed or are unsafe. We will announce pool closures on our website and on all our answerphone machines. 
At what age can I start swimming with my baby? 
Our optimum age for a baby is between 6 weeks and 6 months of age. However, as our teachers are qualified to teach all ages, you can start your baby/child at any age. Very young babies should only stay in the water for 10/15 minutes on their first few visits. 
What does my baby need to wear in the water? 
It is compulsory for all non potty trained children to wear a double swim nappy system. This consists of a disposable or a washable swim nappy, which is widely available from supermarkets and baby shops, with a ‘Happy Nappy’ or ‘Nappicova’ over the top. After years of trial and error we only allow Splash About's 'Happy Nappy' or Konfidence’s ‘Nappicova’ which is specially designed for baby swimming. 
We have found that some other swim nappies can be ineffective as the seal around the thigh area is not tight enough. Your nappy can be paid for with your course fees or ordred from our online shop and will be either sent to you in the post or can be collected from our Head Office in Barnstaple. It must be a snug fit; unfortunately we cannot allow any room for growth! You will not be allowed into the water without both correct nappies as nappy leaks into the water will result in cancelling classes to clean the pool. 
Does my baby need immunisations before swimming? 
Babies can go swimming at any age; they do not have had to complete their course of immunisation. Care should always be taken when disposing of nappies and these should never be left at any of our pools, but taken home and disposed of. Further research on this can be seen on the NHS website www.immunisation.org.uk 
Can I do a catch up lesson as my child has been ill? 
Catch up lessons may be available if you have missed three or more lessons due to illness but this is only at the discretion of your teacher and availability. 
My baby cries a lot in the water 
There are many reasons your baby may cry in the water. Some babies need to adjust to the new environment they are in, with the sounds, splashes and echoes around them. 
Think about the timing of your class, is it close to a feed or nap time? And be aware of normal irritants such as teething or the beginning of a cold. 
Some babies go through a crying phase specific to swimming. This commonly happens around the age of 12 months and can seem frustrating if your baby has been very happy so far. It is important not to stop coming to classes during this time, your teacher has experienced this many times and can talk you through problems and adjust your program accordingly. Your relaxed positive attitude will help and soon your baby will only cry when it is time to get out! 
Can I practice with my baby outside of classes and on holiday? 
Yes, babies are more comfortable in water the more they swim. Be aware that other pools may be cooler. Never swim your baby for more time than you do in class and if your baby becomes cold shorten your swim time to 15 minutes. You can also purchase from our online shop Baby Snugs, Baby Warmers, Rash Vests and Mini wet suits to keep your baby warmer. 
To attend a baby class do I need to be able to swim or go underwater myself? 
No, you can learn our techniques without putting your head under the water, though it is lovely to meet your baby underwater and share the experience. We will guide you as the parent as much as you need; we want this to be special bonding experience for both you and baby. 
Can I feed my baby at the pools? 
You are more than welcome to breast or bottle feed your baby at any of our pools. Unfortunately other types of food are not allowed at our pools, i.e. fruit, crisps, raisins etc. 
Resolving a Dispute 
Please visit the EU-wide Online Dispute Resolution service 
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